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Lauren and her staff are often called upon to provide their insight and perspective as part of a larger article reported in the financial or local press.

Lauren says emergency fund is key

A recent report from the Pew Charitable Trusts confirms that the lack of a fully-funded emergency account can reek havoc on family finances. Lauren recently spoke with NY Times reporter Ann Carrns about this important topic, and suggested some practical ways to create and jump start a viable emergency fund.

Lauren on NAPFA's 5/10/20 retirement plan

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) recently released a useful infographic that summarizes the best financial moves for consumers who are 5, 10 or 20 years away from retirement. Lauren spoke with Yahoo Finance reporter Mandy Woodruff to highlight the key findings from the advisor survey.

Lauren's tips for lending to your millennial kids

Are you the parent of a millennial? Are you thinking about giving them a financial leg up in the form of a home loan? Before you move ahead, you should take a look at this AARP Family & Friends article., Lauren outlines some sensible guidelines to employ when making a parental loan.

Lauren outlines financial red flags for dementia

In this Financial Planning Magazine article , Lauren talks about some of the common warning signs of early-stage dementia that may show up in a person's handling of his or her financial affairs. Understanding the person's pre-illness baseline behaviors around money issues is crucial in evaluating changes that may occur later.

Lauren says housing decisions are critical

As clients age, where and how they choose to live can have a profound impact on their physical and mental well-being. But housing decisions are a critical part of a retirement financial plan as well. Liz Skinner profiles Lauren and others on this subject in Investment News.

Lauren on handling clients' mental status changes

In order for financial advisers to act as a fiduciary for clients, they must be ready to act quickly if they notice changes in a person's ability to make informed choices about the management of their accounts. But knowing the best course of action can sometimes be tricky, as Lauren explains in this Wealth article.

Lauren and Holly recently presented

two workshops on financial planning at the American Society on Aging Aging in America 2016 Conference, held in Washington D.C. April 20-24th. "Creating Financial Well-Being as We Age: A Framework for Success" focused on financial pivot points during the four decades between retirement and end-of life. "Courageous Steps to Confident Longevity Planning" outlined actions that help create a sustainable financial plan for older age. Colleague Connie Stone also participated in planning and presenting these workshops.

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