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Lauren and her staff are often called upon to provide their insight and perspective as part of a larger article reported in the financial or local press.

Lauren's tips for better client communication

Factors such as the timing of meetings, reinforcing spoken instructions with written ones, asking for a verbal recap of key points and providing a calm and distraction-free meeting space can add up to clearer and more successful communications with older clients as Lauren explains in a Financial Planning Magazine article.

Lauren talks about “new rules” for real estate

The traditional rules that have governed planning for real estate purchases and sales may be changing as folks try to rebound from the recent housing crash and the subsequent decline in home values. In this Record article by Kathy Lynn, Lauren cautions clients to avoid over-estimating their future earning power when making home buying decisions.

Lauren outlines financial red flags for dementia

In this Financial Planning Magazine article , Lauren talks about some of the common warning signs of early-stage dementia that may show up in a person's handling of his or her financial affairs. Understanding the person's pre-illness baseline behaviors around money issues is crucial in evaluating changes that may occur later.

Holly advises the childless on estate planning

When preparing a Power 0f Attorney document, most people will name a spouse or a child to act for them should they become incapacitated. But what do you do if you are unmarried and childless? Holly discusses this issue for The American Society on Aging's publication Aging Today.

Holly discusses the impact of financial incapacity

Holly talks about what happens when a loved one losses the capacity to make sound financial decisions for themselves in this article by Richard Eisenberg. The article cites a recent academic study of people over 50 and their spouses and offers tips for protecting your loved ones.

Lauren on handling clients' mental status changes

In order for financial advisers to act as a fiduciary for clients, they must be ready to act quickly if they notice changes in a person's ability to make informed choices about the management of their accounts. But knowing the best course of action can sometimes be tricky, as Lauren explains in this Wealth article.

LFS featured as source of elder care info

A recent CNBC article put the spotlight on advisory firms who are leading the industry in establishing themselves as sources of reliable information on elder care planning. See what Lauren has to say about the ElderLife division of LFS.

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