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ElderLife – Retirement and Care Planning Options

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Retirement Planning

Getting ready to retire takes work! Decisions made now can affect your emotional and financial well-being for many years to come. Do you understand your options regarding Medicare? At what age should you begin to take Social Security benefits? When it comes to retirement, everyone is unique - you need a plan that's built around your specific concerns and circumstances. We can help you do just that.

Housing Options

Over-55 communities. Aging-in-Place. Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Congregate housing. Walkable cities. Intentional Communities. Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities. Assisted Living. The range and scope of housing choices available to us as we age continues to grow and evolve. Let us help you consider all the options open to you as you think about where and how you will live in older age.

Care Giving and Receiving

More than 70% of us will need some sort of  care assistance as we age.  Becoming informed about care-giving options can be extremely time-consuming and  confusing. We can explain the progression of care needs across the life continuum and help you decide on the best solution for your particular situation. We can also provide advice, checklists and tips for those choosing caregivers or care facilities in the marketplace.

Advance Planning for Health Care

Having your "affairs in order" provides peace of mind for you, your family and friends. Advance planning for incapacitation and end-of-life is one of the most important, yet challenging, tasks we face as adults. People at all ages need to understand their choices in regard to these critical decisions. We'll help you find the courage to start the conversation that will bring you to the answers that are right for you and your family.  

ElderLife's mission is to empower families and individuals who face lifestyle changes related to aging by giving them the information and resources needed to make better decisions. Call us for an appointment to talk about your unique needs and situation. We promise to serve you with compassion and integrity as your companions on the journey.

ElderLife Blog




$86…and change

What would the average medical doctor have to do to earn $86? Well, according to Medicare, that’s the amount the doctor will be paid if he or she spends up to thirty minutes talking with a patient about their wishes for end-of-life care. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved this billing code […]




‘Tis the season…

The end of another year is almost upon us, and that means that we have some celebrating to do. Regardless of how you do it or what you call it, almost every culture around the world has some type of revelry they engage in to help get them through the chill and darkness of the […]





Changes are afoot on the Social Security and Medicare fronts for 2016. Both programs are implementing measures that will have an impact on anyone who is currently retired or those making retirement plans over the next few years. Let’s look at Medicare first. Medicare Part B, which covers services like outpatient doctor visits and preventative […]




Take (care with) Your Medicine

Prepare yourself for the paper deluge! If you are a Medicare enrollee, you will probably notice an uptick in the amount of mail you receive during the next couple of months. That’s because we are about to enter that special time of year designated to be the open enrollment period for Medicare plans. Various Medicare […]

ColoradoMoab 051What's there to say about aging?

Everybody does it, right? But everyone experiences the process in a unique way, and that's what makes it so interesting, challenging and though-provoking.

Our world is about to embark on a most excellent adventure as the infamous Baby Boomer generation enters the second half of our lives. How will we define "older age"? And how will our definition change history?

Join me here at the ElderLife Blog as I ruminate about these questions. And along the way, I'll be sharing some practical information about things we all care about as well.

Here's to the journey of our lives!